Nut Butter

You definitely need a thermomix or food processor for this recipe, sorry for those of you that don’t have one! Nut butter is a necessity for me, on toast in the morning, I add it to pestos if I’ve run out of nuts, and I add it to soups and curries with  my gut healing chicken stock, for flavour and to help thicken them. It’s also essential for dairy intolerant people to have nuts, especially almonds, to try and reach their calcium requirements for each day.


-150 g almonds/cashews/walnuts or a combination of any nuts I have in the house

-50g pumpkin seeds

-20g. dates (about 4 or 5)

-2 tbsp. coconut oil

-3 tbsp. olive oil

-1/2  a tsp Himalayan rock salt.


Add all ingredients apart from olive oil into the bowl. Process for 7 seconds on speed 7. Scrape down with spatula. Add in oil and emulsify oil at speed 5.5 with the blades still going for about 10 seconds. Have a look and see if it looks like the right consistency. (you don’t want it to look like store bought peanut butter as that’s super processed and way too oily) You basically want it to look like it will spread OK. Taste it and if it needs  a dash more salt, add a little bit.


Same thing really as the thermomix, just add all the ingredients in apart from the oil and blend until all combined. Then add in your olive oil at the end until its all combined and a nice consistency.


*If super sensitive to fructose, you can leave the dates out and add a little bit of maple syrup instead.

*Can completely change any nut to whatever nut you like, or change to sunflower seeds etc




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  1. Lisa says:

    Looking forward to trying this- I’ll leave out the dates and add the maple syrup


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