My name is Megan Bourke and  I’ve been a Nutritionist for almost ten years now. I’ve always been interested in Health and Nutrition as I come from a  family of Coeliacs where food intolerances are common. I have fructose and gluten intolerance myself, so dealing with any food intolerances and gut health are some of my favourite issues to treat as a  Nutritionist. Having good gut health and balanced gut flora, I believe, is the foundation to good health. More and more research is emerging that underlying gut issues from various stages of the lifespan, are linked to anything from auto immune diseases to diabetes.  I also love all aspects of Women’s Health, ranging from pregnancy through to Menopause. As a mother of  two very special strong willed little girls, I’m also obsessed with Children’s Health and creating delicious, healthy foods that cater for all the food requirements and special needs of families.

I work out of my office from my home in Emerald. It works well for people who have children they need to bring to consults;  as having two little girls myself, I have a big toyroom for children to play in.  Upon booking an appointment I will confirm my address. I’m also available to do Skype consultations for those that live too far away to travel to Emerald.