Turkish Delight Bliss Balls

turkish balls


I’m a bit obsessed with rosewater at the moment, since adding it to my Berry Kombucha so  I thought I’d make up a Turkish Delight Bliss Ball recipe. These balls didn’t last very long in our house, even my girls loved the rosewater flavour. Rosewater is good for the skin too which is a bonus. There’s no refined sugar in these babies, plus a little fibre and energy kick with the oats and dates. The coconut oil is a good oil for gut healing also. Definitely good as a sweet fix. Gluten free if you use gluten free oats, fructose friendly with the small amounts of cranberries and dates added, and dairy free too.

I made these ones nut free for school/kinder, but if you want to increase the protein of them, swap the oats for almond meal.

Roll in chia seeds or coconut, ginger or cinnamon, or crushed pistachios if you want to make them a bit fancy nancy!




-3 x medjool dates (or 6 dried)

-1/2 cup coconut

-30 grams cacao/cocoa

-1/2 cup cranberries

-1 x cup oats

-4 tsp rosewater

-3 x tbsp coconut oil softened

-2 tbsp maple syrup/honey


In a food processor or thermomix blitz together oats, dates and cranberries. Then add all other ingredients, and process until a consistency that you can roll them into small balls. If they don’t seem wet enough, try adding a tbsp or two of warm water and process again. Roll into balls, then roll each ball in coconut or pistachios or whatever floats your boat. 







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