Choc Banana Mousse

choc mousee

This recipe seriously takes 5 minutes; it’s got 2 x serves of fruit in it and is refined sugar free. I got it from the lovely Kat, and it’s a great one to use for overripe bananas if you don’t have time to make banana bread. 

My kids inhaled it which is good, as I am struggling to get both bananas and avocadoes into my girls at the moment. Plus it’s freaking delicious for adults and goes well in a little container for lunch boxes. It’s a good recipe for fussy toddlers too or  for kids that are a bit textural and like things smooth.

It has two servings of fruit in it, plus a massive hit of good fats with the avocado and coconut cream, and a little fibre fix with the avocado.  The cacao is good for the gut also as its a prebiotic, so it actually helps feed the gut bacteria. 

I topped it with oats and peanut butter with a little extra dark chocolate for indulgence sake,as I’m trying to get all the chocolate out of our house from Easter! Topping with oats, fruit, nut butter and chia seeds would be a healthier alternative though….It’s healthy enough that you could even have it for breakfast, with extra oats or granola for kids that are particularly fussy in the mornings, like my lil Ivy monster!


  • 2 x large bananas
  • 1 x tbsp cacao
  • 400 mls coconut cream (I used the light one)
  • 2 x avocadoes
  • 2 x tbsp maple syrup or honey (may not be needed according to how ripe and sweet the bananas are) 

Super, dooper easy…this recipe is so quick and easy. You just throw all the  ingredients into a food processor/thermomix/blender until its all nice and light and smooth. (Thermomix users 10 seconds Speed 6. Scrape mixing bowl with spatula then repeat if necessary.)  Try doing it without the maple syrup first, then taste it. If it needs to be a little bit sweeter, then add in the maple syrup or whatever sweetener you’re using, then blend again.

*Works well with raspberries too instead of the bananas.


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