6 Week Weight Loss and Wellness Program


I have created a new weight loss program for Spring that is easy and family friendly. This program is tailored to each individuals needs and lifestyle. 


  • Easy, flexible recipes
  • Weekly weigh ins
  • 6 weeks of meal plans and recipes
  • Family friendly, a focus on getting the whole family healthy
  • Calorie/kj  controlled and nutritionally balanced
  • Tailored to individuals needs and lifestyle, and food intolerance’s if necessary. 
  • Weekly personal 30 minute consultations to help with coaching, questions and motivation
  • Cooking tips and easy food swap suggestions
  • Education on how to eat correctly for your body and help create lifelong habits
  • Focus on how to reduce visceral fat and increase muscle
  • Can be extended for longer than 6 weeks if required
  • Online program available on request if unable to make regular appointments. 
  • The cost is $180 for the 6 weeks. Can be paid upfront or $30.00 per session.

For those that work out regularly, the diet has high protein and low carb meal options. It also involves Carb Cycling which is about increasing your carbs on the days you exercise to maximise energy, then reducing your carbs on rest days, which also helps with visceral fat reduction.

For those that don’t work out regularly, I adjust the calorie content to suit your lifestyle. It also has one ‘free’ meal a week where you can eat what you want (within reason) for those dinners and lunches out,  that are an unavoidable and enjoyable part of life.

For people who don’t like to cook, it has meal and snack options that are available at the supermarket.

Generally, I don’t like to get my clients to calorie or kj count as it’s time consuming; I prefer to advise on the right types of foods and serving sizes. However, just as every body is different, I know that some people prefer kj and calorie counts. This program is calorie/kj controlled with macros of proteins, fats and carbs listed. I’ve worked out all the annoying fiddly stuff, you just need to follow my advise! At $30.00 a week its affordable too; some people spend this on coffee a week. This program can help educate and set you up with healthy eating habits for life, an investment into your health.

If you have any questions at all, call or text me on 0400 590 613. Or PM me through my Nutritional Balance facebook page.






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