Chicken and chia burgers

So I have fussy eaters, two of them in fact, and the joke is on me as I used to laugh at both my sisters kids when they were little and fussy, and say how my kids will eat everything! It is so frustrating as a parent (and a Nutritionist) to try and get your kids to eat healthily. So this dish is a winner with my fussy eaters. My almost two year old tantruming toddler screamed “MORE CHICK” after dishing up one burger, and my 4 year old said that it was the yummiest chicken burger ever. BG (my husband) said “God you’re a good cook”…….so winner, winner chicken dinner, literally, on this one from my fussy household. The chia seeds can be a replacement for egg as a binder, (even though egg is actually one allergy thankfully we don’t have in our house) I add the Chia seeds though, as they are so high in fatty acids and fibre, two nutrients which are sooooo hard to get into kids, but so important for their ever growing and developing brains and bodies. I hope it works in your household too as it’s so easy to make!


500 grams minced chicken

1.5 tbsp chia seeds (mix with a tiny bit of water to make a gel)

2 tbsp grated cheese (just leave out if dairy intolerant, the burgers will still roll)

1 x heaped handful parsley, chopped

1 tbsp tamari or soy sauce

1 tbsp chutney (use tomato sauce instead if fructose intolerant)

Zest of  1 lemon

1 x grated carrot

So easy, just mix all ingredients together in a big bowl. If you have a thermomix or food processor, blitz the parsley and cheese for 5 seconds on speed 6. Then add all other ingredients and mix until all combined (10 seconds at 3.5 for thermomix, then scrape down bowl and repeat) Roll into medium sized balls. Pop an icy pole stick in them too if you want to make them a little bit smaller, if you think the kids will be more inclined to eat them!

Pop in the oven at 18o degrees for approximately 20 minutes. Either put the burger  in a roll or some bread or a big lettuce cup. My girls eat them with grated carrot, corn, capsicum and tomato. Add some coriander, chilli sauce and toasted sesame seeds for the adults and you’ve got a quick, easy, healthy dinner for all.


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