For the love of healthy food

I love food; I love shopping for it, prepping it, cooking it and of course eating it! It is truly one of the pleasures in life. So when I developed my food intolerances (gluten and fructose) just after having my first baby girl, I was devastated. Suddenly I turned from being the person who loved all good food and trying anything new, to the fussy person who was a pain to eat out with or have over for dinner. As a Nutritionist, I already had the knowledge of the foods I could and couldn’t eat, so that side of it was helpful, but it also gave me insight into how hard it would be if you didn’t have a background in food and Nutrition and were just diagnosed.

I knew I would eventually develop either Coeliacs or some type of food intolerance, as I come from a family of Coeliacs. There’s a strong genetic predisposition to Coeliacs and food intolerances, especially with females. My dear old Nan, my mum, sister, aunties, cousins; we’ve all got it or some type of food intolerance. Christmas Day is always quite a comical affair catering for everyone’s food requirements, and all the men in our life just laugh at us freaks! So, after a few months of moaning to my poor husband BG about how I couldn’t eat anything, I decided to get over it and embrace all the good foods that I could still eat.  Another passion of mine is cooking. I cook when I’m happy, I cook when I’m sad, I cook when I’m stressed. It’s my outlet. So, I started developing and modifying different, yummy, nutritionally balanced recipes that my family and friends could still enjoy. Now I’ve decided to share these, and hope that some of them will help those of you with food intolerances, especially if you’ve just been diagnosed, as it can be quite overwhelming and a little depressing. My recipes are yummy enough for even lucky, normal people to enjoy and can be modified for all the various food intolerances that are out there.




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